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Subtitle The Silence Of The Lambs ((TOP))

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subtitle The Silence of the Lambs

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This is the first season to receive a subtitle and the first to be headlined by a different writer. Pizzolatto, who wrote the first three seasons, was initially set to pursue a new series at FX titled Redeemer, which would have seen him reunite with McConaughey. The series was canceled before it went into production and last year it was reported that Pizzolatto was looking to get out of his deal with the network. Pizzolatto will serve as an executive producer on True Detective: Night Country along with Foster, McConaughey, Harrelson, filmmaker Barry Jenkins, Adele Romanski, Mark Ceryak, Alan Page Arriaga, Mari Jo Winkler, and True Detective season one director Cary Joji Fukunaga.

The silence heard today, though, is that of investors who are doing their level best to see and hear no evil. The blind eye they turn is to central banks ramping up their quantitative easing programs in a desperate attempt to offset their weakening economies.

Sterritt *** A journalist and a receptionist spend inordinate amounts of time in their lonely apartments, maintaining a polite distance between themselves until the man begins to suspect their spouses are having an affair with each other. The story gains most of its dramatic impact from superbly understated acting and Christopher Doyle's atmospheric camera work. Kudos also go to Nat King Cole's haunting renditions of Spanish-language songs on the proudly multicultural soundtrack. In Cantonese and Shanghainese with English subtitles

uuu Why does affection sometimes grow between people who seem to have little or nothing in common? That's the tantalizing question running through this capably acted comedy-drama about a jaded businessman who falls in love with an actress the first time he sees her onstage. The movie doesn't reach any startling conclusions, but it takes an entertaining look at the social and romantic issues its story brings up. In French with English subtitles

A major film (1989, 86 min.) by the greatest of all Iranian filmmakers, Abbas Kiarostami, this is an idiosyncratic though mainly straightforward 16-millimeter documentary about the homework done by boys in primary school, with the interviews carried out by Kiarostami himself. For all the simplicity of its approach, this film has a great deal to impart about Iran during its war with Iraq, and some of the unorthodox formal procedures carried out by Kiarostami are as provocative as in his subsequent documentary masterpiece, Close-up; moreover, the director seems every bit as adept as Truffaut at handling children with respect. In Farsi with subtitles. (JR) Read more 041b061a72


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