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European Handicap - A simple and easy-to-predict online betting type

The European Handicap is considered to be a straightforward type of bet, suitable for the majority of bettors in today's market. However, despite its simplicity, if one doesn't understand how to play it properly, mistakes can still be made, leading to inaccurate predictions. Therefore, newcomers who are not yet familiar with the European handicap should refer to the following football tips big odds sharing by Wintips.

Overview of the European Handicap

The European Handicap is probably quite familiar to professional bettors. On the odds board, the handicap is denoted as 1×2. This type of bet is suitable for both newcomers and professional players because of its easy-to-understand and simple rules.

Through the European Handicap, bookmakers determine the strengths and weaknesses of each team. Compared to corner kick bets, this type of bet is less diverse. In a match, there are three options for bettors: lose, win, or draw. Based on the odds provided by the bookmakers, bettors place their bets on the team they trust and favor.

Guide to reading the European Handicap on the online betting board

Before starting to bet, one needs to understand clearly what type of bet they are playing. You must understand the symbols that the bookmakers provide and the regulations on the odds board. On the betting board, the away team is listed below, while the home team is listed above. Underneath the names of the two teams are the words "Draw," corresponding to the Draw option.

The team listed on top, rated as stronger, will be highlighted in red. The remaining team will be weaker and listed as the underdog. In the case where reputable bookmakers use black for both teams, it means they are evaluating the strengths of the two teams as equal. However, it's essential to note that not every top-rated team will always win.

When you follow the odds board, if you come across the 1×2 odds, it means you are only betting on the European handicap. Accordingly:

1: Indicates the home team. If you bet on this option, you win when the home team wins at the end of the match.

X: Draw. If the two teams end in a draw, you win if you bet on this option.

2: Indicates the away team. If you bet on this option, you win when the away team wins at the end of the match.

You can play the European Handicap for the whole match (FT.1X2) or for the first half (1H.1X2).

Illustrative Example of European Handicap Betting

To help newcomers visualize how to engage in European handicap betting online, let's consider a match between Club Atletico Colon and Estudiantes La Plata. In this match, Estudiantes La Plata is considered the stronger team. If you place a 100,000 VND bet on the Asian handicap, the following scenarios could unfold:

Club Atletico Colon wins the match. Those who bet on this team receive winnings of 100 * 1.73 = 173k VND.

Estudiantes La Plata wins the match. Those who bet on this team receive winnings of 100 * 5.50 = 550k VND.

Club Atletico Colon and Estudiantes La Plata draw. Correct predictions result in winnings of 100 * 3.25 = 325k VND.

Tips for Playing European Handicap Betting

In addition to understanding the rules and mechanics of European handicap betting, players need best betting tips app to learn from experienced bettors. Winning bets are not solely dependent on luck but also on the application of effective strategies. Here are some valuable tips for players:

Thoroughly research and evaluate information about both teams involved in the match. This includes understanding team status, starting lineups, tournament context, and relative strengths and weaknesses. The more you know, the better your chances of making informed decisions.

Be flexible in your European handicap betting strategies. These bets offer various permutations and changing odds, so adapt your tactics accordingly based on match dynamics. Flexibility increases your chances of winning and accumulating wealth.

Seek expert opinions on Asian handicap betting. Especially beneficial for inexperienced bettors, football analyses from experts provide highly accurate insights. Trustworthy sources like Wintips' expert analyses can significantly enhance your betting success.

Practice good bankroll management. This experience helps prevent significant losses. Divide your capital into portions based on your objectives and circumstances. Determine your betting capital, reserve funds, and win-loss limits to maintain financial stability.

Know when to stop Asian handicap betting. This strategy protects your wallet during unlucky streaks. If you're facing substantial losses, resist the urge to continue betting blindly. Instead, take a break to devise more effective winning strategies.

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European handicap betting, while relatively straightforward, requires careful match evaluation and attention to odds tables for precise betting decisions.


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