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[S6E17] Friends In Need

Joey is broke but needs money fast for new head shots, so he is determined to get enrolled for another medical experiment. Since the only one is available is for identical twins, he hires a fellow actor Carl to play his fictitious twin named Tony. This plan obviously fails from working because Carl looks very different from Joey, but that doesn't stop Joey from blaming him.

[S6E17] Friends in Need

Buffy searches newly rented houses for the Trio's hideout. The three discover her on surveillance equipment but she gets too close. While they hide in the basement, Andrew calls on a demon which attacks Buffy and starts a fight. The demon grabs Buffy and stabs her with a needle-like part of its body.

The episode begins with Fluttershy packing her bags for a trip away from Ponyville. Discord appears and believes that she has planned a tropical vacation for the two of them, but Fluttershy explains that she is accompanying her friends on an overnight goodwill tour of Yakyakistan. When Discord expresses disappointment over Fluttershy's sudden departure, she suggests that he join Spike and Big McIntosh in a "top secret" activity that they do whenever the Mane Six leave town.

Discord dismisses the notion of spending an evening with two "sidekicks", but Fluttershy says it would be a good opportunity for him to expand his circle of friends. Discord is still dismissive, but he takes it under consideration.

Some time later, the Mane Six return from their trip to Yakyakistan and go to the Castle of Friendship, where they find Spike, Big Mac, and Discord playing a real-life version of Ogres & Oubliettes. As they celebrate their victory over the Squizard, Fluttershy is pleased that Discord has made new friends.

Buffy has decided to track down the Trio and searches newly-rented houses hoping to find their hideout. Jonathan, who had fallen asleep while on monitoring duty (having not slept properly since Katrina's murder), doesn't see Buffy approach until she's almost on top of them. Warren spots her on their surveillance equipment, so Andrew summons on a demon that attacks Buffy and starts a fight. The demon grabs Buffy and stabs her with a needle-like part of its body. Suddenly in a mental hospital, Buffy cries out as she's held by two orderlies and stabbed with a needle. Buffy wakes up alone outside the Trio's lair, hurt and confused, and walks home.

Dawn comforts Buffy, who dazedly notes that Dawn has been misbehaving and the problems need to be dealt with. Back in the hospital, her mother reminds Buffy that Dawn doesn't exist. Dawn realizes this through Buffy's babbling and rushes from the room. Xander and Spike wrestle the demon into Buffy's basement then chain it, while Willow breaks off its stinger to make the antidote, which she must synthesize without using magic.

Later, Willow presents the antidote to Buffy in a mug and leaves her to drink it. Alone with her, Spike urges her to abandon the life that's grown so hellish for her and choose peace with him, also threatening Buffy to either tell her friends about their sexual relationship or he do it for her. He also leaves and Buffy pours the antidote in the trash. Back to the hospital, Buffy tells the doctor and her parents that she wants to be healthy and rid of thoughts about Sunnydale. The doctor tells her that she has to do what is necessary to destroy the elements that draw her back there, like her family and friends, to truly be healthy.

Buffy wakes up in Sunnydale to save her friends. She dispatches the demon easily and reconciles with her friends, urging them to quickly make her that antidote while she stays on guard against relapsing again.

When Pam and Jim call their clients to ask them if they need anything before they have their baby, Dwight thinks that they are abusing their situation to ring up sales. Convinced by Pam that sharing personal details with clients is an acceptable sales technique, Dwight calls a client and mentions that Mose has a goat fungus. In a talking head interview, Dwight says he needs a baby, because he needs to get more sales and that he is lonely.

Pam's contractions continue, and Jim tries to convince Pam that she needs to go to the hospital, but Pam refuses. Andy also tells Pam not to worry about baby names because his name wasn't chosen until he was six years old. When Michael distracts Jim, Pam wants Michael and everyone else to distract her so that she can remain calm and slow down the rate of contractions. Michael explains he is awesome at distracting people, even at an early age in school. Michael holds a meeting so that he can keep Pam entertained.

Pam starts to have even bigger contractions and her water breaks. She still continues to refuse to go to the hospital and Pam says that if she doesn't get to the hospital, she doesn't get there. She wants to have ultra feast with Kevin. Pam starts to not be able to talk through her contractions, which are now two minutes apart. Pam tries to convince them that she doesn't need to and Jim, Michael, and Kevin grab her. Pam screams at them to let her go and starts to cry because she doesn't think she can do it, but finally learns that she needs to go and says that she waited too late, and becomes more and more worried.

Dwight sees that Pam's kitchen has mold when he gets to their house and decides that he needs to destroy the kitchen. Michael and everyone else returns to the office and Michael says that he made the family and he offers to help everyone else form relationships. Meredith says she is never getting married, while Andy says he is going to ask out Erin.

Dwight and Angela talk to each other about their impending baby. A sleep-deprived Pam accidentally breast-feeds the other couples' baby, but they don't notice for a while. Isabel comes in and Pam finally realizes that it's the wrong baby and is shocked and scared. Isabel looks awkwardly at the baby as Pam and Jim try to stay calm. Pam and Jim are told by the nurse that they need to leave soon and tries to force them to get out.

Andy gives Erin a paper and asks her to fax it for him. Secretly, the note would be faxed to the office, asking her to go on a date with him. However, the fax is busy and Andy jokingly tells Erin that she needs to fax it or she is going to be fired. Erin suddenly gets angry at Andy and starts crying because she has been having a rough day, but Andy reveals that he was actually asking her out. Erin happily and immediately accepts. Michael says that there is nothing like seeing true love form, in Jim and Pam and Andy and Erin. (Michael convinced Jim to keep pursuing for Pam even though she was engaged ("Booze Cruise")).

She wants to try to contact the Bajoran Resistance, which likely has a cell somewhere on the station when Meru, amid her indulgence, begins to cry, as she misses her family and wonders about her children. Sobbing, she says that she wants to believe that the Cardassians were telling the truth when they said that they would take care of her family, but Nerys tells her to not count on it. She insists they find a way to get out of the station and then join a resistance cell somewhere. She comforts Meru and as she embraces her face, she notices the scar on her cheek from where she failed to show a Cardassian officer proper respect. Nerys continues to embrace her face lovingly, telling her that the scar does not look so bad after all. Meru wonders why Nerys keeps helping her; Nerys replies that she doesn't have many friends and Meru tells her she definitely has one now.

Back in the ghetto area, Nerys talks with the Resistance member again and gets a Bajoran earring with an explosive built into it. It has a three minute fuse and cannot be disarmed once it has been activated. Halb tells her to not tell Dukat's Bajoran mistress about what she is doing, even if it is to save her life, and Nerys replies that he need not worry, because as a coward and collaborator, she ultimately deserves what she gets.

Kira goes to the guards and tells them that she has decided which side of the fence she wants to be on. She asks to be taken to Meru so she can apologize to her. When Basso returns her, Nerys, as expected, finds Meru with Dukat, sitting at the table, laughing and having a good time. She tells Meru that she has changed her mind and wants to be friends again. Meru accepts her apology and asks Dukat to get her some quarters close-by.

Nearly two months has passed since Ann Perkins left Pawnee, and Leslie Knope misses her best friend dearly. After missing her weekly chat scheduled with Ann, Leslie decides to test out candidates for her new best friend, and sets her sights on Donna Meagle and April Ludgate. She organizes an impromptu Galentine's Day and invites Donna, April, Shauna Malwae-Tweep, Ethel Beavers and Evelyn (a.k.a. 'Fake Ann'). At the brunch, Leslie has the ladies answer questions in an attempt to figure out each of their qualities, but her plan backfires when it is revealed she is jotting down notes and ranking everyone based on their answers; everyone but Shauna leaves the brunch. Leslie results to having Shauna be her new best friend, that is until Ann contacts her with news she has given birth to her child. Leslie races to Ann Arbor, Michigan to be by Ann's side. Leslie expresses her displeasure with not being able to be with Ann everyday, and Ann comforts her with the fact that while Donna and April may not show it, they would do anything for her and she just needs to give them the time and the opportunity to do so. Leslie returns to Pawnee and apologizes to Donna and April for the events of Galentine's Day, and looks forward to forging new memories and traditions with them.

Elsewhere, Ron volunteers to do the park survey himself. He explains that he wants nothing more than to spend the day outside, alone. He is growing tired of the constant noise in his life, whether that be at work with his co-workers or at home with his children. His plans are tarnished, however, when Andy Dwyer is assigned to help him. At the park, Andy's childishness infuriates Ron as he can't peacefully get any work done. The uncomfortable situation peaks when Andy knocks his tooth out and requires Ron to drive him to a dentist. There Ron is forced to babysit Andy, but not wanting to commit his time to being Andy's guardian, he insists Andy makes up his own mind on whether or not he wants to be there. Andy chooses to leave and Ron takes him back to City Hall. However, it quickly becomes clear Andy really needs dental care. Ron throws on his parenting cap and takes Andy back to the dentist. His long day of babysitting Andy makes Ron realize just how much he loves being a parent, and calls up Diane to let her know he'll be home soon to relieve her from parenting duties. 041b061a72


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