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Chapter 1 Handicap Explained: Features and How to Read the Handicap of 1

Handicap 1 is a very popular type of bet in football, so beginners need to understand what handicap 1 is before mastering advanced skills. Only then can we make informed choices and football tips this weekend 

Table of Contents What is Handicap 1? Features of Handicap 1 Betting How to Read Handicap 1 Specifics from the Odds Table Best Tips for Betting on Handicap 1 Choosing Teams: Home vs. Away Betting Based on Team Strength Correlation Choosing Teams Based on Head-to-Head History, Home vs. Away Form Using the Point Spread Formula to Bet on Handicap 1 What is Handicap 1? According to Kubet, Handicap 1, also known as Asian Handicap betting, is one of the three popular types of bets. In any match or tournament, while other types of bets may not be available, handicap bets will have odds displayed on the betting ratio board.

Fundamentally, in handicap betting, before placing odds, the bookmaker assesses the relative strengths of the two teams.

The team with better squad quality, class, and form is the front-runner, while the other team is the underdog. In handicap betting, the front-runner gives a certain number of goals (known as the handicap) to the underdog to determine the outcome based on the final result.

For example, in a match between Manchester City and Southampton, Manchester City is considered stronger and faces Southampton with a 2.0 goal difference. The final score of the match is Manchester City 2-1 Southampton, but with the handicap added, it becomes Manchester City 2-3 Southampton ⇒ Southampton wins the bet.

Special Note: What is a Cloudex? Making Money Efficiently and Safely with Cloudex From this concept, bettors can understand what handicap 1 means. It's the handicap odds where the front-runner has a 1.0 point handicap. After the match result is announced, 1.0 is added to the underdog's score to determine the betting outcome.

Features of Handicap 1 Betting Having clarified the concept of handicap 1 above, let's delve into the features of this type of bet further.

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It typically appears in matches where the gap between the two teams isn't significant, and the strengths are relatively balanced, with home advantage often influencing the bookmaker's odds.

Handicap 1 offers only two outcomes: either the away team wins or the home team wins, making the betting win ratio 50/50. However, players have an advantage: if it's a draw, the bookmaker refunds 100% of the bet.

Moreover, identical handicap bets are calculated based on a win-all or lose-all formula, not half-wins or half-losses.

How to Read Handicap 1 Specifics from the Odds Table Synthesized experiences from entertainment enthusiasts at reveal that on the bookmaker's odds table, handicap 1 adheres to the principles of Asian Handicap scoring:

Bet timing: Can be for Half-time (H1) or Full-time (FT). Handicap sign/Asian Handicap: HDP (abbreviation for Handicap). The home team's name is on top. The stronger team's name is in darker font. In the handicap column, there are two figures: On the left is the cross symbol, representing a 1.0 handicap in line with the team's handicap. On the right are the corresponding betting odds for each team.

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Best Tips for Betting on Handicap 1 Is handicapping a ball to win bets easy? Here are some valuable tips from industry experts:

Choosing Teams: Home vs. Away Based on seasoned betting experience, you can use some straightforward tips to select bets without extensive research into the relationship between the two teams:

=> If the underdog team is the away team: Regardless of which side is stronger, you should choose the away team for this handicap 1 bet.

=> If the underdog team is the home team:

Higher odds for the home team: Choose the away team. Lower odds for the home team: Choose the home team. As illustrated earlier, Arsenal's odds are clearly double that of Tottenham. You should choose Tottenham as the away team for this bet, and at worst, you can recover your entire bet amount.

Betting Based on Team Strength Correlation The above is just a small tip for choosing a reasonable betting level in Asian Handicap, but it's better to rely on the current correlation of strength and form between the two teams.

The chosen team must have a better track record, with an impressive streak of results in the last 3-5 matches.

Choosing Teams Based on Head-to-Head History, Home vs. Away Form The history of clashes between the two teams is a hint of quality to compare strengths and the  betting tips best sites 

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Additionally, players should pay attention to home and away statistics. Some teams perform well away from home but are susceptible to pressure when playing at home. This data also serves effective betting.

Using the Point Spread Formula to Bet on Handicap 1 The football betting formula is one of the simplest betting tips, where players use the home/away results and the away team's scores to see which side has the advantage in this weakness, which team will follow the formula:

Spread ratio = (A - B) x100


A is the average score of the home team/home team in the last 3-5 matches. B is the average score of the away team in the last 3-5 matches. It's better to use matches in the same league, so the score difference will be within (-300 to 300). The closer the score is to 300, the higher the chances of the home team betting. If the score is between 0 and -300, choose the away team.

When you understand what handicap 1 means and have good betting skills, you can participate in the battle. This handicap bet favors players. According to statistics, there is over an 80% chance of winning from a draw to a win when playing with handicap 1, so ignoring it would be regrettable.


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