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What Is Half Ball Handicap Betting and How to Read It Correctly

What is half ball handicap betting and how do you play this type of handicap betting? These have certainly been the most frequently asked questions lately as bettors continue to win big rewards. The following article by win betting tips will share with you the concept as well as relevant information about this type of betting.

Understanding What Half Ball Handicap Betting Is

For those who are unfamiliar, half ball handicap betting is a type of Asian handicap. It's considered the top choice for bettors when it comes to Asian handicap betting. This form of betting ensures safety while also potentially yielding high profits if the bet is successful.

So what does half ball handicap betting mean? Essentially, it's a 0.5 goal handicap, meaning the stronger team must give a 0.5-goal advantage to the weaker team. The bookmaker sets this 0.5 goal line assuming both teams are slightly different in strength. After being given a 0.5 goal advantage, the weaker team has the potential to win against the stronger team.

How to Read Half Ball Handicap Betting in Detail

Basically, reading half ball handicap betting is straightforward when you understand the meaning of the odds. Depending on the result of the football match and the odds offered by the bookmaker for half ball handicap betting, bettors will fall into the following scenarios:

If the match ends in a draw, those who bet on the underdog win their bet, while those who bet on the favorite lose. The amount won by the underdog team equals the original stake multiplied by the bookmaker's odds.

If the favorite team loses to the underdog, it means the bet on the underdog wins, and the bettor receives winnings from the bookmaker in betting. This scenario occurs when the match ends with the favorite team losing.

If the underdog team wins against the favorite, the bettor who placed the underdog bet wins the full amount. This happens when the underdog team scores at least one goal in the match. The amount won by the underdog team equals the original stake multiplied by the bookmaker's odds.

Understanding whats a bookmaker? How do bookmakers operate?

How to Calculate Winnings in Half Ball Handicap Betting

For Asian handicap bets, the method of calculating winnings differs slightly from other types of betting. Specifically for half ball handicap betting, bettors apply the following formula to calculate winnings:

Profit = Stake * Odds

Winnings received when winning = Stake + Profit = Stake + Stake * Odds

Learn Tips for Choosing Half Ball Handicap Bets to Win Immediately

Regardless of the type of betting you engage in, players need to have knowledge and experience. If you're interested in the 0.5 odds, you can consider some of the following tips to increase your chances of winning:

Prioritize Choosing the Favorite

This is a tip shared by many experts when choosing half ball handicap betting. This betting strategy makes sense as the favorite team is usually highly rated by bookmakers due to their superior strength and skills. By prioritizing betting on the favorite, players increase their chances of winning to about 65%.

In cases where the favorite is the away team, you should apply this strategy even more effectively. With a team already strong, playing away from home boosts their confidence. If the favorite odds belong to the away team, you may consider and choose the opposite betting option.

Study the Tactics of Both Teams

Tactics are considered a crucial factor in determining the outcome of a football match. With teams coached to select balanced line-ups, you should lean towards the home team.

Bet on Odds by Analyzing Form

Studying the current form of the two teams competing against each other is also an important factor in placing winning bets. Typically, teams with stable playing form are offered higher betting odds by bookmakers. At this point, you should not fully trust the bookmaker's prediction as it could be a trap.


So, by now, players should have a clear understanding of the concept of half ball handicap betting, along with information on how to read and calculate winnings. Asian handicap betting still offers many safe choices for bettors. Keep visiting Wintips to learn more about these types of betting.


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