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[S7E16] Out With The Old \/\/TOP\\\\

At some point Dean stopped believing that this is all gonna get snatched away from him. At some point he got so comfortable in this life they've built that he was able to ask himself questions he's gotten through his whole forty-odd years without asking. He doesn't recognize himself when he looks in the mirror, and that's a good thing. There's no reason to hide anymore. There's no reason to hide anymore.

[S7E16] Out With The Old

Dean is more affected by the cursed ballet shoes in 7.16 "Out with the Old" than he lets on, and after he and Sam take the cursed items away to dispose of them, Dean falls into an elaborate dream where he plays the role of Nina in the film Black Swan, with Cas playing Lily's role. Unlike Nina, Dean embodies the dark and sexual Black Swan, but has trouble playing the delicate and innocent White Swan, which Cas embodies perfectly. Dean struggles to play both parts of the Swan Queen role, and in the process, he discovers that he's dreaming. The only problem? He can't wake up.

Dean checks in with Frank Devereaux and learns that Dick Roman has a lot of new projects overseas, as well as a new Biggerson's in Butte, Montana. He's more concerned about Bobby's numbers, but Frank doesn't have any progress on what Dick is doing with the field in Wisconsin. Dean's frustrated, and Sam is sleep deprived because of the disruptive hallucinations of Lucifer he has been having. They decide to take a case a few hours away in Portland, Oregon, where a ballerina named Irina danced herself to death to Swan Lake.

They head into the shop that sold the slippers, Out with the Old, and demand to know where the shopkeeper got them. He tells them that his mother kept the slippers in a special box, which turns out to be a curse box. Sam quickly puts them back inside it before Dean can put the slippers on his feet. They then flash their fake FBI badges and ask the shopkeeper, Scott Freeman, where his mother got the slippers. He doesn't know, but they were with a lot of other items, all in specially crafted boxes. After his mother sold the shop and passed away, he wanted to get rid of all the strange items she'd been collecting in the large safe in her shop.

Sam and Dean quickly try to track down the other cursed items that Scott sold. They're too late to save a woman who poured boiling water into her mouth from a cursed teakettle, but Sam is able to stop a boy from stabbing his mother after a cursed gramophone hypnotized him, and Dean is "just in time" to collect a cursed "vintage gentleman's magazine." Back at Out with the Old, they put the cursed objects, now safely in their curse boxes, back in Ms. Freeman's sigil-decorated safe.

Scott is shocked to discover that cursed objects are real, but happy to know that his mother wasn't crazy. He regrets pushing her to sell the shop, especially because she seemed so against it. When Dean finds out that Ms. Freeman died in a car accident the day after selling the shop to a pushy real estate agent, he's suspicious. He tells Scott not to feel guilty because it won't bring his mother back, and then he leaves after saying that he and Sam will be back with a U-Haul to take the safe off Scott's hands. Once outside, he sees the real estate agent's sign in the shop window, and then notices that the same sign is on every small shop on the block. He decides to do some research.

Meanwhile, the real estate agents at Bicklebee Realty are determined to get the signature of Mr. Marshall, a shop owner on the same block as Out with the Old who doesn't want to sell his property. They offer him a lot of money, but he says that the hardware store is his life and that he doesn't want to sell. The agent Joyce Bicklebee seems disappointed, but shakes his hand. As she grips Mr. Marshall's hand, however, an expression of pain crosses his face, and then Joyce morphs into an exact copy of Mr. Marshall before breaking his neck, revealing herself to be a Leviathan. Still in the guise of Mr. Marshall, she signs over the property to Bicklebee Realty and morphs back into herself. She gives the paperwork to her assistant George with a smile on her face, but George is concerned. She's already killed Ms. Freeman, and Dick Roman doesn't like it when they call attention to themselves. George disposes of Mr. Marshall's body by putting him in his bed with a lit cigar and burning it, and then Joyce sends him across town for a complicated coffee order.

Sam, who's driving a pickup truck back to Out With The Old, is having a hard time staying awake. Dean calls him with information he's gathered about the real estate agency that Ms. Freeman sold her shop to, and it all points to something suspicious. He wants to stay in town and check it out. Sam is too tired to talk about it, though, so Dean calls Frank when he has difficulty accessing the agency's corporate information. While Dean talks to Frank, Sam is falling asleep behind the wheel of his truck. He crosses over to the wrong side of the road and is almost hit by a semi-truck, so he stops for coffee. He's ordering a triple red eye when George, who is picking up Joyce's coffee order, spots him. George follows him to Out with the Old and calls Joyce to let her know that Sam Winchester is going into the antique shop they just bought. He plans to eat him, but Joyce calls George back to their office, where she tells him that she needs to be the one to eat the Winchesters.

Dean, who's having a coffee and considering a piece of pie at the Lampliter Gallery Cafe, gets a call from Frank, who cracked the firewall to GeoThrive, Inc. He tells Dean that the company is actually a conglomerate within a subsidiary within a conglomerate that leads back to Richard Roman Enterprises. For some reason, the Leviathans want the real estate on this block in Portland, and Frank tells Dean that they should leave town. Dean tells him that they can't leave while people are dying and that they need to find some answers, and Frank hangs up, frustrated, just as Sam joins Dean at the cafe. When Dean sees how tired he is, he tells Sam to find a motel and crash, but Sam says it's impossible because Hallucifer won't shut up. Before they can discuss their plans any further, Sam gets a frantic call from Scott Freeman, who says that he looked into one of his mom's mirrors and now he wants to rip off his face. They hurry back to the shop.

After they kill Joyce, Sam and Dean tell Scott to start a new life somewhere so that the Leviathans can't find him. He leaves and, once they're alone with George, they demand to know why he helped them. George tells them that he was sick of cleaning up after Joyce and that he wanted her dead. He wants to eat her head, but Sam and Dean refuse to give it to him and demand to know what Dick Roman is doing in Wisconsin. George tells them that Dick is buying up real estate all across the country and that he has no idea what is going on in Wisconsin. He does know Dick's plans for the block in Portland, though: he's going to build a research center that will eventually cure cancer.

Dean and Sam are confused, so they take the cursed objects from Out with the Old and head to Frank's so that they can update him on the Leviathan situation. They arrive at his mobile home to the sound of loud music, but no sign of Frank. They eventually burst into the RV and find Frank's equipment damaged, papers strewn everywhere, and blood splattered on every surface, human mixed with Leviathan. They assume the worst.

In Portland, several dancers are packing to leave when they note that Irina isn't there. Irina Koganzon comes in late and she smirks, implying she has more talent than they do. After the others leave and only the janitor is left, Irina puts on her shoes, turns on the music, and starts rehearsing. However, she soon discovers that she's unable to stop and the shoes drive her on until she spins out of control. The janitor sees the blood spray on the walls, comes in, and discovers that Irina's feet have been completely blown off, with blood soaking the floor. As the janitor crosses himself, the camera panes down to see the shoes, magically off Irina's feet, which have absolutely no blood on them whatsoever.

Dean calls from Oregon and checks in with Frank, who reports that Dick is financing archaeological digs across the world. He admits that he hasn't found any activity at the coordinates in Wisconsin that Bobby gave them before he died. Sam comes back with coffee and admits that he hasn't been able to sleep with Lucifer yelling inside of his head. He's found an article on Irina's death and figures that something supernatural is involved.

A neighboring store owner, Mr. Marshall, is saying goodbye to a real estate investor, Joyce Bicklebee, and her assistant, George. As they leave, George doesn't think that they're going to sell but Joyce is confident that Marshall will get in. As they leave, Sam and Dean arrive and discover that the store is holding an out-of-business sale. They talk to the owner, Scott Freeman, who admits that he sold the shoes and that they were in a box. As Sam examines the box, Dean starts to examine the shoes and his brother yanks them away from him. Scott explains that he found the box in the back and his mother passed away a week ago. As Dean goes to the back, Scott explains that there are more things like them. Dean returns with more boxes and they ask Scott what was in the rest.

Scott explains that he found the boxes in a safe covered with mystic sigils, and didn't think they were dangerous. The brothers tell him to get them the names and addresses of all of the buyers and Scott reluctantly provides the information. They go to the first house to get the tea kettle and discover that the woman is dead. They collect the tea kettle and anonymously call in the death, and then split up to collect a gramophone and a vintage gentleman's magazine.

A mother turns on a gramophone but her son Timmy, playing on an iPad, is less than impressed. She takes the laundry upstairs and Timmy hears a voice on the gramophone whispering to him. He finally goes over and puts his ear to the speaker, and his eyes grow blank. He then picks up a kitchen knife and walks toward his mother as she comes back downstairs and sits on the couch. As Timmy prepares to strike, Sam comes in and disarms him, and then takes the gramophone. Dean calls to say that he got the magazine just in time, and Sam doesn't want to know what the victim was doing. Sam says that he'll meet Dean at the store with the gramophone, while Dean puts the magazine in the trunk. 041b061a72


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