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BioShock 2 Remastered Full Download

BioShock 2 received positive reviews, with praise directed at its narrative, themes, art style, characters, endings and gameplay. Criticisms included a slow start and failure to distinguish itself from its predecessor. The multiplayer mode was supported with downloadable content, and a single-player campaign expansion, Minerva's Den, released in August 2010. The game sold more than 3 million copies, but did not meet the publisher's sales expectations. While its review average was worse than BioShock, retrospectives have reevaluated BioShock 2 as a worthy entry, or even the best of the series. A remastered version was released as part of BioShock: The Collection for PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

BioShock 2 Remastered Full Download

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2K revealed BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition, XCOM 2 Collection, and Borderlands Legendary Collection for Switch today, and they're seeing retail releases. There will indeed be game cards, but each one is going to require some sort of download. Check out full details on what will need to be downloaded below.

You're probably well into your return trip to Rapture, or you may have already completed it and dove back in for seconds. Whatever the case may be, 2K has some offerings available to further immerse yourself in the game world, whether you're playing or not. The official soundtrackfor BioShock 2 has been fully remastered and is available in downloadable format. 041b061a72


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