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Conquering Odd Even Odds from W88 Experts

Surely, Odd Even Odds are already familiar to those who are betting on football with bookie w88 the no 1, right? This type of bet is famous for its simplicity in rules but still remains exciting to play. However, making a profit from betting on this form is not easy, especially for newcomers in this online entertainment field.

What is Odd Even Betting?

At first glance, Odd Even is quite similar to Over/Under bets because both predict the total goals of the match. However, instead of predicting whether the total goals will be higher or lower than the number set by the bookmaker, you need to determine whether this number is Odd or Even.

In essence, this bet will only have two betting options. However, in the football betting world, Odd Even has a large number of participants. Therefore, sometimes W88 will also offer additional choices for everyone. Such as:

Odd/Odd: The total goals scored by both the away and home teams are both Odd.

Even/Even: Both teams have a valid number of goals that is an Even number.

Odd/Even: This is the case where you believe the number of goals the home team scores is Even, and the number of goals the away team scores is Even.

Even/Odd: The number of goals scored by the home team is an Even number, while the away team's goals are an Odd number.

In addition to betting on Odd Even based on the total number of valid goals scored by both teams, the W88 betting team also combines with other types of bets to create a different form how to register for w88. For example: Odd Even number of yellow cards, Odd Even player substitutions in the match,... However, these bets are rare and difficult to play, so if you are a newcomer who has just joined the football betting world, you should skip them.

W88 Expert Tips for Playing Odd Even Bets

As mentioned above, playing Odd Even bets in football is very simple. But how to make a profit every time the match ends is another story. Especially for newcomers, who have little knowledge and lack the ability to analyze bets sharply. Therefore, the experiences that the experts who bet on this type of bet with W88 Vietnam are summarized below will be very useful for you:

If the match is competitive between two evenly matched teams, then the possibility of a draw is very high. At this time, betting on Odd will bring profits to you.

When two teams are vastly mismatched in terms of form and squad quality, it's crucial to analyze the Over/Under betting options. If the bookmaker sets the total number of goals at an odd number, like 1.25, 3.75, and so on, it often indicates a higher likelihood of an odd total. This scenario suggests that the match might see an unusual number of goals scored, possibly favoring the odd outcome due to the higher scoring potential.

Conversely, if the bookmaker's initial total goals number starts with an even number, such as 2.5, 2.75, and similar variations, it typically implies a higher chance of an even total. In such cases, the game might be predicted to have a more balanced goal distribution, leading to an even number of total goals. Betting on the even outcome here aligns with the expected equilibrium in scoring between the two teams, especially considering the significant gap in their performance levels.

You can also rely on the Asian handicap odds to assess Odd Even bets. Specifically, for matches with a handicap level falling to 0.75, the chances are high that the higher-rated team will win only by a minimum difference of 1 goal. Therefore, Odd will be a reasonable choice. However, when the handicap ratio is from 0 to 0.25, the chance of two teams drawing will be higher, so you should invest in Odd.

In addition, you should regularly refer to the betting guides shared by W88. Tips from basic to advanced compiled by the bookmaker will help you a lot in perfecting your football betting skills.

In summary, Odd Even bets are a very simple form of betting but require you to flexibly use different betting tricks. At the same time, you also need to continuously improve your knowledge in the field to be able to profitably win. So, save this article and visit post withdrawal w88 to practice anytime, anywhere!


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